The challenge

There has never been a more complex, fast-moving, challenging and exciting time to be in the workforce. With constant changes in what we do and how we work, there are a dozen decisions to make, ways to approach a challenge, tasks to prioritise, and paths to follow at any given moment. This landscape presents endless opportunities, but, as we know, sometimes too many options can be overwhelming.

Here’s what I can help with:

💎 Help you to see yourself, your vision, and your work with new enthusiasm and clarity

🧶 Give you straight-up answers to your work, business, leadership questions

🎓 Share my experience on how to build and maintain confidence and resilience

✏️ Direct you to useful resources and steer you away from some of the online bullsh*t

🔮 Pump you up, support, and encourage you to achieve your big dreams, even if they’re not work related.

Find me at:

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My clients fall into two categories.

One of these is business owners who are often running their ship solo. They need someone to talk to completely honestly about the challenges of running a business, almost like a business therapist. My business owners clients are looking for help with practical matters (sales, marketing, hiring, communication etc.) and leadership concerns (burnout, stress, staff turnover etc.) as well as trusted confidante. While I am not a leadership expert, I have worked 1-1 with leaders in my client organisations for the past 4 years, giving me unique empathy and insight into the many challenges they face in their daily life.

The other is ambitious professionals. For high potential talent, there are myriad avenues to explore. My clients in this space often have big dreams but sometimes lack the confidence or momentum to get there, or they are looking to change lanes and need support in aligning their values to an exciting future direction. Having spent time in career limbo myself, working across almost the entire business landscape, and having helped students to advance their careers professionally at General Assembly, I provide not only the support and encouragement necessary to pursue their passions, but a hands-on knowledge of how to get there.

A quick look into my background

Hi, my name is Penny. I’m the founder of Company Studio in Berlin ✨