Our approach has been honed over years of trial and error, and a wide variety of clients. We now focus solely on creating phenomenal, stand-out services and positioning for our service-based business clients.

We use our awareness of the competitive landscape and our deep (no exaggeration!) passion for crystal clear communication to make sure you get your point across to excite and engage customers.

Whether you need to work on your current brand and offering, or are launching a new product or service, we’ll undertake some or all of the following steps to help you reach your goals.

The process

Step 1: Service offering review

Businesses often struggle with a complicated or difficult to describe services, but even if your services are clear, we will make sure that these are being communicated in a way that lands.

This means you and your team can:

Step 2: Positioning and differentiation

Often confined to the realm of branding and visual design, positioning and differentiation are critical elements of running a successful business. Company Studio works to heighten these for maximum cut through and visibility.

Our team will work with you collaboratively to not only identify and highlight differentiators for your business, but teach your team how to use them to the greatest effect.

We establish buyer personas and identify their pain points so that we can accurately create value-driven content and solutions for our marketing/lead generation efforts.

We have special expertise in the digital product, innovation, and design spaces, so a strong understanding of the current market and landscape is brought to the table.

Step 3: Sales comms packaging

We bring all the work that we have together in order to create usable assets, including but not limited to decks, web copy, templates, talking points, elevator pitches and sales processes.

The outcome is a Notion page chock-full of immediately actionable value. We’ll take you and your team through each of the items and show you how, when and why to use each of them.

Step 4: Brand awareness and lead generation